Saturday, June 20, 2015

Monotangle Challenge

Found Another One!

Joey's Alphabet Monotangle offers the opportunity to work through the alphabet learning a new tangle each week.  I didn't find this one until this week (week two). I took the liberty of combing A and B in one tile (even though Mono means one!) just this time.  (I might go back and do a separate tile of each to play with variations, but wanted to get this submitted "in time".

Akuras (I learned was Sakura - the manufacturer of the Micropen - spelled backwards!) -was a great one to practice straight lines and auras!  There can be many variations on it too ~ at first glance I didn't like the pattern so much, but now I do!
Bunzo is a bolder pattern - also good for practicing auras.  Mine are a little small, but done larger is very striking.  I can see several ways to add variety to it as well...

I had fun shading this one - expanding my skills there too ...

This reminds me of the sun, with shells on the beach - or a ceiling fan ... must be the time of year!

I completed just an Akuras (variation) tile, so it is truly a monotangle ...
and photographed with Marble App (because it's fun!)


And I completed just a Bunzo, and decided it needed color.
The Marble App is still fun ...


  1. Welcome! I'm so glad you found my challenges! I love the shading on your two tangles. I didn't know that Arukas was Sakura spelt backwards, thanks for sharing that.
    Hope to see you next week!
    ~ joey ~

    1. Thanks for the welcome! I read about the naming somewhere, can't remember where ... maybe FB

  2. this is a neat way to combine two does look like the sun shining down. I like how you've got the bunzo sort of stacking on each other.


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