Saturday, June 13, 2015

On-Line Challenges

String Thing #96 (6/9/15)

My Zentangle® mentor, Janet Masey (CZT), recommended I try some of the weekly 'challenges' that are available online ... "They will stretch you," she said ...

There are two that I've started watching: The Diva's Weekly Challenge  and Tickled to Tangle - It's a String Thing.

Tickled to Tangle - It's a String Thing - posted on Tuesday and due by Saturday evening.  This challenge offers a "string" to copy and a requirement of specific patterns to use.

I decided to jump in and this is my first.  It is using the patterns Nipa (left), Nuwave (top and bottom), Nvelope (center), and Neuron (right).  I like the sharp, dramatic look of white on black.  The patterns make this look "space-like"...

UPDATE 6/20:
These "challenges" are cropping up all over - another is Square One on FB.  For this you use only 3.5 tiles and black pen - back to the originals.  It focuses on one pattern at a time, although you can add others to enhance the tile ...

Another is Joey's Weekly Alphabet Monotangle - one tangle, in ABC order.

Check out my Challenges Gallery Page to see all challenge submissions together ...


  1. A very clever mix. I had such a problem deciding which positions to put the tangles in because they are all so busy. Your Neuron is perfect.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to give me your feedback. Any suggestions are always helpful in the learning process - I'm new at this ...

  2. Lovely tile, Lynne. The shading adds such depth and interest.

    1. Thanks - it amazes me how a little shading will really "pop" a pattern.

  3. Great tile, great that you had the courage to jump into the black and white. You shouldn't be afraid to join challenges all your other tiles look wonderful to me.

  4. Thanks Beverly!
    (Now if I can figure out why some of my replies are posting twice ...)


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