Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's a String Thing #97

This one WAS a challenge ... and not sure I like it yet ...

I keep telling myself, "There are no mistakes, there are no mistakes..."

I started this one over three times ... Not sure if it was the colors I chose, or the fact that I tried to emphasize the "string" with pattern, or the number of spaces the string created ... but it feels too linear to me - not the soft flow that I usually get ...  It was to honor Dads, so I wanted a more masculine look - even though two of the patterns were very scrollie (is that a word?), so I chose tan paper, and black and brown Micropens.  I have seen several pieces with the string line emphasized, so I wanted to try out  that look.  I took some liberties with the enhancements and made up a few of my own variations.  Then it looked dark, so I decided to give it a "glow" with white charcoal pencil ... maybe a little out there ... The colors photographed well I think.

The patterns on this one are:  Double Ds, All about Vs, Diamonds and Squares, and Umble.  It was fun learning these four.


  1. I think it has turned out well and quite masculine which is what you want for a father. The white just emphasises it enough. Great tile.

  2. Thanks - I was really on the fence about this one ...

  3. Ahh!!! It's gorgeous! The white really makes it a "finished" piece.


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