Thursday, June 18, 2015

FB Group Challenge

Square One

This is a challenge through FB:  Square One:  Purely Zentangle - designed to go back to the beginning, focusing on one pattern, within a string, to create a 3.5" square art piece.
No color - pen and pencil only.

June 12 - 18, 2015  Flux

Another perspective of this tile ...
I discovered a new app and was playing ... you can do the same!  The app: on Apple - Marblecam and Marble Magick; for Android I think it is just MarbleMagick.  Have fun!!
(PS - It's as addicting as tangling!)


  1. Clever, i wonder if some artist could get the same effect with drawing, you know like those droplets of water or marble paintings. It would look great,

  2. That would be fun to try. I need to perfect my flat tiles first though!
    Thanks for the feedback and support.


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