Friday, June 26, 2015

An Invitation to Another Challenge

Another tangling fan commented on my work, and invited me to her challenge - spreading the fun!  This one, is a Weekly Alphabet Challenge by Diane and Carolien.  I think it is great that the challenge authors live on opposite sides of the pond - one in the US and one in Denmark.  Thanks ladies, now I have one on Wednesdays - a few more and I'll have one every day of the week!

For this alphabet challenge, three letters are given at a time.  Starting this week (week 12) they are on J-W-O, having already gone through the order A-Z once.  

I find challenges not only fun, but a great way to build up a resource of patterns.  I'm glad I have the time to participate while school is out for the summer...  Here is my interpretation using Jessicup, Ojo, Organza (a little like Frillee), and a bit of Web.  I also used the most recent string - #162 - however once the patterns were laid down the tile looks a little "left" of the original string ...

I an debating adding a touch of color, since yesterday I dug in to an old trunk and found a set of 50 colored pencils, barely used - woo hoo - along with a set of 36 watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, 4 sets of markers (but they are broad tip), a set of drawing pencils, 2 metal pencil sharpeners in packages, and ... be still my heart ~ a Stadler Mars 700 - .30 - refillable technical pen ... with a good bottle of ink!!  

I know the pen I've had for about 35 years ... I use to draw cross-stitch charts, all by hand, for a designer, in another life.  Yes, it was a little clogged - but after a few soakings in warm water and some delicate cleaning I managed to get it to the stage that when I shake it I hear the little "click" so I'm thinking it is good to go.  I just need to get up the nerve to fill the cartridge and give it a try ... I digress ~ Happy Friday!


  1. Lovely happy tile. Fingers crossed for your pen.

  2. Lynne, what a wonderful trove of fun things to use!! I too have been pulling out my old art supplies and am thrilled to be using my colored pencils ... I could never figure out what to draw before that didn't look flat. So the combo of colored pencil and some pen really works for me :) :) We started it to learn new patterns but also to have a focus :) Lovely, lovely tile!! Light and airy!! Thank you for joining us!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. Thank you!
    I also just placed an order on Amazon ... can never have enough supplies :)


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