Thursday, July 2, 2015

Planning Ahead ... and a Personal Challenge

Even when teachers are "off" for the summer, they are always thinking ahead to the upcoming school year - at least I always have!  And one thing we like to share with students is our love of "continuous learning" ... even if it is of an artistic nature ~

I'm spending significant time this summer break learning how to tangle ... My intention is to teach some tangling to my 4th graders in the fall to build / increase focus, concentration / increase memory, creativity, confidence, prefect fine motor skills, strengthen eye-hand coordination, how to calm down or relax, and to have fun! 

I am going to teach 16 easier patterns, then give them an 8.5" X 5.5" piece of paper (I think kids will need to work a little larger initially); show how to draw a "stacked" string, and have them choose their favorite 11 patterns to complete a piece.  this will be something they can work on over time, when they have finished work, and while I am assessing those first few days/weeks.

I like to make a model or finished product to show the class so they get the big picture idea, where we are going and why, with a project - so I created this model.  The students will be using Sharpies, so I did too so the representation would be similar (probably not my best work since I wasn't using my good Microns)  From top to bottom the patterns are Ash, Printemps, Meer, Wired, Neuron, Flux (with Tipple), Chainlea, Framz, Poke Leaf, Florz, and Sand Swirl.  They will also learn Noodlz, Hollibaugh, Golvin, and Poke Root.

I'd love to know your thoughts - Do you think this will work?  Do you know of any patterns that are easier that I might use instead of the those listed?

Oh, and part of our weekly ticket drawing will be the opportunity to "win" lunch and tangling with me!  I will teach them more complicated patterns and we will work on a more traditional sized tile (probably the Apprentice 4.5" square.)

I'm looking forward to this ~ my own personal challenge!


  1. this would fit right in at the FB stacked and tangled page. did this with SHARPIE? wow, chick! Nice work!

    I love your idea for your students. With as many patterns as you are going to teach them, they'll have lots to keep them busy. The one thought I had was that they would need more than one session but it looks like that is the plan. Hopefully they will feel inspired and curious, and the art energy will flow.

    1. Hi HeidiSue, yes - it is on the stacked and tangles page - that group is where I got the idea :)
      I will probably cover 4-5 patterns a day, then turn them loose on the project ~ although from the comments I'm getting over in the FB group, kids love doing this so I might be able to cover 8 / 8 in 2 days ... I will pay that part by ear. I always have to remember in August, they are still 3rd graders and need a little more time ... I know one of the 3rd grade teachers did some tangling with her students last year so that will help (depending on how many of her kidos I get).

      Yep, Sharpie - the really extra fine one - it is about like an 06-08 Micron, but if you keep a light touch it isn't horrible - if you can stand the smell! :)


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