Friday, July 17, 2015

Developing A Style

My first piece (a 3D pumpkin - see First Inspiration post ) was done in October 2014... I didn't really tangle anything else until April 2015, when I bought a sketchbook and some pens on a whim as I remembered how much I enjoyed completing the pumpkin...  After playing, I felt like I was missing something and decided I needed a few formal lessons, searched and found a CZT, and began classes the end of May, and was HOOKED!  So I have been tangling consistently about two months...

Reflecting on my learning, I realize I am beginning to develop a "style".  For instance, as long as I've been doing any kind of craft/needle work, I've always had a "signature" - my initials with slightly curved lines and overlapping.  Then several weeks ago I started signing the date a specific way - like a fraction with the month as the numerator and the year as the denominator.  I saw someone else had written the date this way and adopted it.  I don't always "sign" in the lower right corner either...  Now, it is what I call the outline string - the line that borders the tile.  Sometimes I use a line, sometimes not, but lately they have the style of a "scroll" ...

Adding to my "style" are some the various techniques I've recently explored that I'm enjoying incorporating (and hope to perfect as I continue learning).

I've had several ask, "How do you do that?!"  I guess the steps one takes to start, and complete, a tile is part of a "style" as well.  
  • Some start with a "string" 
  • Some start at one spot and work out from there
  • Some methodically fill in one section, then next to it, etc., some are more scattered in placing the patterns
  • Some go all the way to the edge, some leave about a 1/4" margin
  • Some ink the lines of the strings, some don't
I guess I am a little from column A, a little from column B ... it just depends on how I feel at the time - I've used all of the above!  There ARE no rules, but I decided to take some photos in stages of a tile to show how one MIGHT progress...

#1 - beginning of a repeated pattern stack
#2 - filling in around the stack
#3 - adding a pattern (Keeko) to the pattern - noter the "stack" has another block added to the height
#4 - the beginning of next pattern (Gnarly) added
#5 - Gnarly added to base of stack; beginning of 3rd pattern, Xplode
#6 - Xplode complete

Now it is time for the finishing touches - filling in areas to balance the tile (generally about 1/3 of the tile is "dark"); and shading to add depth ...


#7 - just part of Gnarley is "blackened"
#8 - shading is added with graphite - note the shadows on Xplode - another new technique tried with this tile ...

And in less than an hour ~ Diane and Carolein's Weekly Alphabet Challenge #15 - X-G-K

Another piece I'm working on - When is enough, enough?  It's OK to leave some white space:  where and how much? ... Not every tile needs to be completely tangled ... This is a personal choice and a balance.  I think it will depend on the patterns and "needs" of the piece ..... and artist!


  1. Lynne, this is amazing!! Your finished tile is wonderful and totally grabs my attention ... but the teaching and explaining you did along the way is extremely helpful to me!! It so enriched it all!! Thank you so very very much!!! Thank you for joining us ... I can hardly wait to see what you share next - and the technique too!! :) :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

    1. Thank you! I'm glad my experiences can help others~
      I'm enjoying your challenges - they are stretching me to learn new patterns .... I'm developing a huge "bank" of them!

  2. You did a wonderful job with this tile.
    I was hooked jn June 2011 and still tangling almost every day!!!

    1. thanks - It's crazy - love, love, love tangling!!

  3. Yes, the explaining was helpful to me too thank you, especially as you added links. I have had a great time looking everything up and going through your blog site. I can't believe you have been tangling for such a short time. You are obviously a natural artist and have the thing I struggle with, imagination and flair. You are so lucky to have several CZT's near you, there is only one in the whole of Ireland which is where I live. I am determined to get into Dublin to one of his classes one day.

    1. You would love talking a class - even though I had been "tangling", and thought I was doing pretty good, just learning the philosophy, and techniques, made it go smoother and was more enjoyable. And I continue to take classes ...


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