Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holiday Happenings

Christmas time is a fun time to "craft" and with my passion for tangling I had to put the two together ... a little research and I decided to try my hand at ornaments.

I started off with basic frosted glass ornaments available at most hobby and craft stores -  i chose clear frosted, white, silver, gold, and black (or a very dark gray).  A tip I read about (and I regret I can't remember where, but I think it was on was to wear a white cotton glove on the hand that will be holding the ornament.  At first I thought this was odd, but the advice pointed out it would keep the oils in your skin off the ornament and nor mar the frosting (it worked!) ... It also gives you a better grip on the ornament.

First, remove the little hanger loop and cap, also making it easier to hold.  I used Identapens on the lighter colored ornaments and White Gelly Roll on the dark ones.  It is a little easier to use patterns / a design that do not need to be exact, but if you want an even design, start with very tiny dots around the top to "divide" the ornament evenly.  Monograms also make an attractive ornament, although it can be tricky to center the letter and keep it straight on a curved surface.  A monogramed ornament make a special gift for family and friends.

Here are a few so far ....





These are (were) all going to be gifts, but hubby keeps wanting to keep each new one I make!

OOPS!  Somehow I forgot to click "Publish!"

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