Sunday, May 31, 2015

First Inspiration

A Magazine Cover

In the fall of 2014, while standing at the checkout counter in the local grocery store, I spotted "tangled" pumpkins on the cover of a Better Homes and Gardens Halloween magazine on the rack and said, "That is so cool... I should do that."  Did I pick up the magazine?  No ... and kicked myself as it was gone the next time I went back, but hubby found it in his travels and picked it up!  (He shouldn't encourage me like that ...)  Later we went to the local craft store and picked up several "craft" pumpkins, a few Sharpies (fine and extra fine) and away I went, not knowing a THING about what I was doing ... I basically followed my nose and ended up with this:

It was fun and relaxing, and it didn't matter if it wasn't absolutely perfect as when completed everything blended and little mistakes weren't that noticeable.  Even though it is not pumpkin season, the tangled pumpkin remains on the mantle to this day.  

In the meantime I continued to "play" with the patterns.  Googling zentangle, tangle patterns, tangle step-outs ... I found a plethora of information and resources!  There are literally thousands of patterns out there.  The two best resources are the main Zentangle site from the creators, which will explain how it all started and and the philosophy behind it.  Be sure to watch the video and read Bijou's Story; and Tangle Patterns, a growing index of patterns.  Of course Pinterest has many boards on the subject as well.  I continued exploring and "playing" on my own ...

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