Monday, August 3, 2015

The Wedding Gift ... and A Card

Sounds like the title of a movie ...

I took a little hiatus from the challenges to begin a few ZIA projects I needed to finish before the Back-To-School rush ... although I'm already having sleepless nights!

I was excited about this piece, and nervous at the same time!  I wanted to give a colleague a special remembrance of her special day - but would she (and her husband) like it????  (And I am still fairly new to tangling!)  I started with the wedding "colors" - gray and yellow, and of course white.  I chose a dark gray card stock (cut to 8 X 10), white gel pen, and white charcoal pencil (After several "tests" on a scrap piece of the gray paper, none of my yellow pens, markers, pencils, showed up!)

The invitation, and some decorations, had their initials - remembrance #2 - include their initials.  #3 - include the date of their wedding ...

Searching through clipart I found (I think) the perfect design - a heart created with intertwining ribbons ...

I drew the design on paper first, then transferred to the card stock and traced the lines with white gel pen.
I began with the letters, as I had a good idea what patterns I wanted to use and how to apply them - making the L (the bride's initial) a little more feminine than the A (the groom's).

I let the piece rest for a while - I wanted the ribbons to look twisted with both sides having different, complimentary patterns - I needed to think about this ...  I figured out the ribbons, added "dangles" to balance it; shaded with charcoal pencil; and then found (what I think) is the perfect frame (even though it doesn't have yellow in it!)  Hope they like it!  

Let's not forget a card!  I really like the "stacked pattern" look ~ and what better thing to put on the front of the card than the happy couple's names ... Congratulations Lindsey and Andy!!


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